Hverfjall is 396 meter (1,300 ft) high tephra explosion crater. It is located near the eastern shore of Lake Myvatn in North Iceland. Resembling a black ash cone of mammoth proportions, you can walk up the steep slopes and around the crater’s rim for otherworldly and awesome view of the surrounding landscape.

The volcano, which is a part of the Krafla fissure swarm, erupted in 2500 BP. The crater is approximately 1 km in diameter. Walking the steep slopes offers a great view of the Lake Myvatn area.

Tephra from Hverfjall has been carried all of the surrounding area. During the eruption a landslide in the south part of the crater occured, which affected the round, part conical shape of the mountain. When Iceland was being settled there was eruption in Svortuborgir, at the southern end of Namafjalla, around Hverfjall, which was nearly engulfed in the lava. At the same time an erupion occured in the slopes above nearby valley of Hlidardalur.

Hiking in Hverfjall

Hiking to the top of Hverfjall mountain is a popular activity. There are two paths up, one from the northwest and the other from south. It is strictly forbidden to use other routes or leave the paths, due to fragility of the nature. The hike up to the rim takes about 20 minutes, and once on top you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over Lake Myvatn, Dimmuborgir and the surrounding lava fields, especially when the sky is clear.

How to get to Hverfjall

If you are unsure where you should start your hike up to Hverfjall, all you have to do is find your way to the Tourist Information Center in Myvatn. It is located next to the supermarket in the village of Reykjahlid. There you can both start your hike, and hopefully get all of your questions answered.

GPS: 65.641784 N, -16.911428 W

Why is mt. Hverfjall shaped like that?

Hverfjall is in fact a high tephra explosion crater. It erupted 4500 years ago and spewed ash all over the area. The area is fragile, so please stay on the paths and do not tear up the moss. It takes years to grow back.

What to see from the top of mt. Hverfjall?

The view from the top is breathtaking. You can see all over the Dimmuborgir rock formations, lake Myvatn and on a clear day even south to mt. Askja and mt. Herdubreid, across the Odadahraun lava field.

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