Although Iceland has never been at war, Reydarfjordur served as an Allied base during World War II and hosts an interesting Wartime museum dedicated to this period in history, Visitors will discover  memorabilia, an airport, old barracks and small gun shelters.

A number of original items from this time give the museum its unique position as a wartime museum in Iceland, an unusual time in the life of Icelanders. Guests of the Icelandic Wartime Museum go back about 80 years to the 1940s, the high point of the World War II in this unique Icelandic museum. The museum’s exhibitions tell the true story of days gone by. You’ll discover the story from the view of  both the soldiers and the inhabitants of Reydarfjordur village.

Back to World War II

The Iceland Wartime Museum’s location is by the barracks that were a part of the big hospital camp. Guests walk by a model of the camp as well as the facilities the soldiers used.

Here is your opportunity to step into a time machine and revisit the days of World War II. The museum will give you an insight into the life of that period and the constant threats the inhabitants faced.  You’ll learn about the effects of the military occupation on Icelanders, as well as  how the occupation influenced  fashion trends and daily life of the people.

Icelandic Wartime Museum Opening hours

May – August: Daily from 13 – 17 (1pm – 5pm)

September – April: Open by agreement

GPS: 65.03816 N, -14.208746 W