Keilir is that perfectly cone-shaped mountain visible on the main road leading from the Keflavik Airport into Reykjavik. Created from sub-glacial eruptions during the Ice Age, this distinctive landmark is a proud symbol of the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Although the sides appear quite steep, it is not too difficult to climb and the view from the summit is certainly worth the effort. On top of the mountain is a concrete table with a directional map etched into a metal table to help further enjoy famous sites within the panoramic vista.

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Countless Craters of Reykjanes Peninsula – Helicopter Sightseeing
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Getting to mt. Keilir

It takes about 25 minutes to drive from Hafnarfjörður city center to Keilir. You simply drive towards Keflavík International Airport on Reykjanesbraut and follow the signs for of the pyramidal mountain.

Hiking in mt. Keilir

There are many beautiful hiking trails around the mountain and leading to it’s top. Climbing the mountain is a strenuous task, since the slopes are steep. However the hike is rewarding since it offer a great and breathtaking view of the Reykjanes Peninsula

How was the mountain formed?

Keilir was formed during the Ice Age, in an eruption underneath a glacier and is classed as a hyaloclastite mountain, although many scientists believe it to actually be a part of a large crater.