Kerlingarfjoll mountain range lies in the shadow of Hofsjokull glacier near the Kjolur highland road in Iceland’s highland region. Local legend says the mountains are haunted by the ghost of a female troll who turned to stone on her way back from a fishing expedition.

Kerlingarfjoll is a 1.477 m (4.846 ft) tall mountain range in the Icelandic highlands near the Kjolur highland road. The mountain range is a part of a volcano system.  You can see this clearly once you visit the area and encounter its many hot springs and rivulets. In addition, the area has a surreal feel to it, thanks to the bright red rhyolite mountains.

A ski area becomes a highland resort

The Kerlingarfjoll was originally a summer ski area, and many Icelanders have fond memories of highland holidays here.  The ski area lasted until 2000, when Kerlingarfjoll became a year-round highland resort providing accommodation and food services.  Accommodation includes a hotel, camping, dormitory rooms, lodges and glamping.  In 2023, the resort will be opening new additions and services, including a hot spring bathing area.

Kerlingarfjoll offers plenty of hiking opportunities. If you visit Kerlingarfjoll, don’t forget your camera. You will want to capture the beautiful and pristine landscape. People enjoy hiking during the summer and snowmobiling and snow shoe hiking in the winter.

How to reach Kerlingarfjoll

The mountain roads leading to Kerlingarfjoll are unpaved and rugged, so you will need a strong 4WD vehicle.  Tour operators also offer trips to visit the area.  During the summer there is scheduled bus transportation to the area.

The mountain roads are only open during the summer months.  During the winter, the area can only be accessed by powerful 4WD wilderness vehicles like SuperJeeps or by snowmobiles. Tour operators offer unique winter adventures that visit Kerlingarfjoll.

GPS: 64°38’17.3″N 19°17’23.3″W