The Museum Kjarvalsstadir in Reykjavik is devoted to paintings and sculpture by well established Icelandic and international artists. It was the first building in Iceland specially designed for displaying the visual arts. The Museum was opened the year 1973. It has ever since hosted many renowned Icelandic and foreign artists.

The Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum is named after the painter Johannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972) one of Iceland´s most influential and recognised artists. His works are on permanent display there. The exhibitions at Kjarvalsstadir focus primarily on paintings and sculptures of the established masters of modern art.

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Visual art and rock concerts

Yearly the museum hosts about 20 exhibitions, but guests can always find works of Kjarval there, along with works of the artists Erro and Asmundur Sveinsson. Though the museum mostly exhibits visual art, every now and then there are other events held there, e.g. alternative rock concerts.

There is a permanent exhibition of key works by one of Iceland’s most beloved landscape painter, Johannes S. Kjarval as before mentioned, as well as changing exhibitions that explore many thematic and historical aspects of Icelandic art.

Surrounding the museum is a large and beautiful park, where many people like to spend sunny summer days.

The museum also houses a newly renovated café and design-and-book store. The building is a fine example of Nordic modernism and features floor to ceiling windows that look out to onto the beautiful Klambratun Park.

Opening hours

Daily from 10-17

GPS: 64.137891 N, -21.913497 W