Just south of Reykjavik city limits lies the friendly town of Kopavogur, which has developed into a major shopping and economic hub.  More than 1,000 companies operating there, including Smaralind, Iceland’s largest indoor shopping mall.

Located on a hilltop you’ll find a small cluster of cultural buildings that include the town’s most recognizable landmark and emblem. This is the Kopavogur Church  with its unique, modern design. The Kopavogur Art Museum (Gerdarsafn) exhibits modern Icelandic artists, painters and sculptors. They include the work of Gerdur Helgadottir, who created the stained glass window artwork for the church. The Kopavogur Cultural Center opened in 1999 and showcases local talent, celebrated Icelandic performers, and international musicians.

What to do in Kopavogur

Undoubtedly, sports enthusiasts will be impressed by the town’s many excellent sports and leisure facilities. They include Iceland’s largest outdoor swimming pool and the biggest indoor tennis court in the country.

You can enjoy hiking on some of the many paths that lie in the green area on either side of the village. The trails stretch all the way to the Heidmork Nature Reserve on the Reykjavik border. Most recently, the town became the location of the wonderful Sky Lagoon and its relaxing Seven Step Ritual.