Many visitors to Iceland are interested in learning how local residents benefit from living on a volcanic island in their daily lives. Krafla Geothermal Center answers many of those questions.

At Krafla Power Station you can learn firsthand about sustainable energy, electricity production from geothermal energy sources as well as the ‘eruptive’ history of the station’s development. Krafla‘s location near Lake Myvatn makes it an ideal stopping place for travelers in North Iceland. Just above the station is a popular hiking area including the recent lava field around “Leirhnjukur” and the explosion crater “Viti” (Hell), both popular sightseeing attractions. There visitors can find out about its history and the harnessing of geothermal energy for electricity production.

Krafla Geothermal Center

Landsvirkjun owns and operates Krafla Geothermal Center. The state runs the power company and it is Iceland’s largest producer of renewable energy.

At the Krafla Visitor Center you will find information on geothermal energy and on the station’s electricity production. Also, the company of “Landsvirkjun” and Iceland’s energy production are introduced in general. Visitors can view a film about the Krafla eruptions.

After you a visit to the geothermal center we recommend Myvatn Natural Baths. Also, a good hike in Dimmuborgir is more than worth it, just don’t forget your camera.

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