Laugardalur Park is located east of Reykjavik‘s city center and serves as the capital’s main sports area with a large open-air geothermal heated swimming pool, soccer stadium, sports hall, botanical garden, family park and zoo.

Laugardalur means “hot spring valley”. The name comes from the fact that until the 1930s, women used to wash laundry in the area, seeing as it was the main source of hot water at the time. If you enter Laugardalur valley from the northern entrance, you will notice the remains of brickwork washbasins that were used back in those days.

Laugardalslaug swimming pool

The swimming pool in Laugardalur valley is the largest one in Reykjavik. Open year round, this geothermally heated swimming pool is one of the best facilities in the city, including a 50m outdoor pool, outdoor children’s pool and paddling pool, two waterslides, numerous hot tubs, steam bath, gym and mini golf course.

Sports stadium and sports center

In Laugardalur you will also find a multi-purpose sports stadium, where the national teams of Iceland in football (soccer) play their matches.

The valley also has an indoor sports hall, Laugardalsholl sports centre, which is also used for many events and concerts.

Botanical garden

Laugardalur valley botanical garden is a small but beautiful park, where many people spend their summer days. The garden boasts an impressive selection of Arctic flowers and plants, and in the middle of all the green you will also find a lovely café.

Laugardalur zoo and family park

Beside the botanical garden is a small zoo, where you can find the common Icelandic farm animals, along with seals, minks and arctic foxes.

Right next to the zoo is a small family park, where in the summer you can find many different kind of entertainment for children, rides and festivities. The park is not officially open in the winter time, but remains open as a play area.

Ice skating in Laugardalur

Next door to the family park you can enjoy winter ice skating at the ice rink, open all year round. The venue serves both ice hockey and figure skating practices and competitions, as well as the general public.

How to get to Laugardalur

If you’re staying at the city centre, you can take a bus to get to Laugardalur. Bus number 14 will take you to Laugardalur swimming pool, and from there, you can walk your way around the area.

GPS: 64.146636 N, -21.879905 W