Located in the former Library of Stykkisholmur, this exceptional exhibition, the Library of Water, houses 24 glass pillars filled with melted glacial water from Iceland’s major ice caps. The glass columns refract and reflect light onto the floor. It is etched with words relating to weather, both in English and Icelandic. Created in 2007, the sculpture installation highlights the interesting interplay between water, words and weather.

Vatnasafn or Library of water is a long-term project conceived by Roni Horn for a former library in the coastal town of Stykkishólmur in Iceland. The building stands on one of the best spots in town, a promontory overlooking the Breidafjordur bay and the town, and houses three related collections – of water, words and weather reports – which reflect Roni Horn’s intimate involvement with the singular geography, geology, climate and culture of Iceland.

Selected is a constellation of 24 glass columns containing water collected from ice from some of the major glaciers around Iceland. The glass columns refract and reflect the light onto a rubber floor embedded with a field of words in Icelandic and English which relate to the weather – inside or outside. The sculpture installation offers a space for private reflection whilst accommodating a wide variety of community uses.

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Please note: tickets for the Library of Water obtained at the Volcano Museum.