The people of Reykjanes have depended on the bounties of the sea for centuries. So it is no small wonder that the eleven lighthouses dotting the rugged coastline are cherished and well maintained by the local community.

With today’s modern electronic navigational systems, lighthouses no longer play the vital role they once did in warning fishing vessels of impending danger and guiding them safely back to shore. Yet these distinctive structures still carry the romance and drama of their pasts. Each lighthouse along the Reykjanes Peninsula has a history and story of its own, including a few that welcome visitors to climb to their perches and enjoy spectacular views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Iceland’s oldest lighthouse dates back to 1878 and was located at Valahnukur until earthquakes and erosion threatened to wash it away to sea. In 1908 the Reykjanes Lighthouse was completely replaced and to this day is the undeniable local favorite.

Iceland’s tallest lighthouse is 26 meters (85 ft) in height and is located at Gardskagi which provides visitors with a picturesque view of two lighthouses.

  • Reykjanes lighthouse
  • Reykjanes auxiliary lighthouse
  • Gardskagi lighthouses
  • Selovogur lighthouse
  • Stafnes lighthouse
  • Sandgerdi lighthouse
  • Holmsbergs lighthouse
  • Vatnsnes lighthouse
  • Gerdistangi lighthouse
  • Hopsnes lighthouse
  • Krysuvik lighthouse