Lofthellir cave in north Iceland boasts the greatest natural ice sculptures in an Icelandic lava cave. Visitors must trek 30 minutes across a craggy lava field but the surreal, lustrous ice formations are well worth the effort.

Lofthellir, a 3500 year old lava cave, is a world of ice and darkness, located in the northeastern part of Iceland near Lake Myvatn. It is about 370 metres long. You can choose whether you want to start the tour from Akureyri or the Lake Myvatn area.

Inside you will find amazing ice sculptures, some of which are only reachable after squeezing through narrow openings and crags. But it is well worth it, for the sculpturs are hauntingly beautiful in their foreigness.

But come prepared, for you will end up doing maneuvers like pulling yourselves into the next room by hand-over-handing it up on a rope while your feet walk up the side of the cave and your bodies lies in the wet ice, and shimmying to the top of an ice mound, rolling over, and sliding down the other side like a penguin. You will need waterproof clothes and we recommend that you wear wool socks and mittens, for the cave is cold and full of ice.

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