The farm of Hrafnseyri in Arnafjordur Fjord is the birthplace of Jon Sigurdsson who is regarded as Iceland’s champion to the nationalist cause. The small turf farmhouse museum and chapel there are a remake of his childhood home and are dedicated to his memory.

Iceland declared independence from Danish rule in 1944 and National Independence Day is celebrated on June 17th because it is the birthday of Jon Sigurdsson, who was instrumental in Iceland campaign for independance.

In 2011, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Jon’s birth, a new exhibition, “For the Good of the Nation – Jón Sigurðsson 1811-1879”, opened up at Hrafnseyri.

The old turf house on site, which is a copy of the house in which Jón grew up, has been restored and there, visitors can enjoy coffee, cakes and waffles. A special program is always held at Hrafnseyri on June 17, Jón’s birthday and Iceland’s independence day.

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