Located in the stunning Arnarfjordur fjord, the museum of Jon Sigurdsson celebrates the work and life of this mighty man. Jon was the leader of the 19th century Independence Movement, that called for independence from the Danish government. 

With Jon at the helm, Althingi was resurrected to it’s former glory, as the supreme national parliament of Iceland. After Jon’s death, Iceland eventually gained sovereignty on December 1st in 1918.  The independence battle continued peacefully, until 1944 when Iceland finally gained full independence. The nation flocked to Thingvellir National Park that same year to celebrate this monumental event on June 17th, Jon’s birthday. On that occasion, the people also elected it’s first president, Sveinn Bjornsson.  Since then Icelanders celebrate their National Day on June 17th, every year.

Jon was born and raised on the farm Hrafnseyri, in the beautiful Arnarfjordur fjord. The turfhouse museum and chapel on site are replicas of the buildings of Jon’s childhood.  Besides the historical exhibition about his life, the museum of Jon Sigurdsson also serves as a nice stop for refreshments in the museum’s cafe.

Opening hours of the museum

June 1st  – September 8th:  Daily 11 am – 18 (6 pm)

Rest of the year: Upon request

Where is the Museum of Jon Sigurdsson?

The museum is located at Hrafnseyri farm in Arnarfjordur fjord, about 1 hour drive from Isafjordur.


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