Lake Myvatn in North Iceland is a geological wonderland which has been sculpted by volcanic eruptions over thousands of years. It is one of the largest lakes in Iceland. It is thought to nest more species of duck than any other place in the world. Bubbling mud flats, volcanic craters, and newborn lava fields are among the sights of the striking Lake Myvatn region, which is a designated nature reserve.

Some of the most visually bizarre attractions in the region are the Hverarond mud pits. Some are so hot they actually boil. Far cooler are the waters of Viti, an explosion crater nearby, part of Askja volcano. Dimmuborgir, on the east side of the lake, is a badlands of lava pillars. An unforgettable sight near Myvatn is Eldhraun (fire lava). It is a rugged lava field where the Apollo 11 crew came in the late 1960s to train for their impending moonwalks.

Hiking around lake Myvatn

With the ominous peaks of Mt. Hverfjall and Krafla volcano as a backdrop, Lake Myvatn has a surprising serenity that is ideal for light hiking. The ground near the shoreline is mostly flat, with a few rolling hills, unusual craters. There are many hidden surprises along the way like the Grjotagja cave with underground bathing springs. Some of which many Game of Thrones fan might recognize.

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