Oddsskard is a local outdoor recreation area, a mountain pass reaching high above sea level and enveloped in lush valleys teeming with exotic wildlife and plant species. During the winter, the pass is the site of a downhill ski area with amazing views. 

The pass lies between the bays of Eskifjordur and Nordfjordur. On each side of the pass is a valley.  Oddsdalur valley on the north features a few rare species of plants, and Seldalur is a scenic valley to the south. The mountain peak to the west of the pass is Svartafjall (Black Mountain), and to the east is the east Magnusartindur (Magnus’ Peak).

During winter, the pass used to frequently close because of snow conditions. Consequently,  regional planners decided to build a tunnel under it to improve travel conditions. Work on the tunnel started in 1974 and finished in 1977.  The tunnel is at 632 m above sea level and 626 m long.

During the winter, the people in the surrounding area enjoy the healthy sport of skiing in the resort in the pass. A tow lift takes skiers up to 840 meters above sea level, where they  can enjoy a breathtaking view of Reyðarfjörður. The skiing area has two tow lifts and a children’s lift, suitable facilities for snowboarders, and a ski lodge with catering facilities.

How long is Oddsskard skiing resort open?

In the winter time Oddsskard is open from Monday to Friday from 14 to 20 (2:00pm – 8:00pm) and on weekends from 10am to 16 (4:00pm), as long as there is snow.

GPS: 65.067828 N, -13.893475 W