Olafsvik village is on the north side of Snaefellsnes peninsula, with the majestic Snaefellsjokull glacier towering in the distance. The village has a good natural harbor and has a thriving fishing industry. 

Olafsvik has always been a fishing town, because of its location and rich fishing grounds nearby. In the 17th and 18th centuries, commercial vessels sailed between Olafsvik and Denmark, and the village was one of the larger trading ports in Iceland. The village became a certified trading place, authorized by the Danish King and Danish authorities, in 1687, the first village in Iceland to do so. From the 1950’s Olafsvik has been the most productive fishing town in the Snaefellsnes peninsula.


Olafsvik is home to the Snaefellsbaer Regional Museum on the upper floor of an 1841 warehouse, called Pakkhusid. The museum exhibits household items and farm implements. There’s also a maritime museum by the harbor, well worth a visit.  A quint place for a drink or refreshments is a former fish processing factory that has been converted into a professional theater and artsy hostel, called the Freezer Hostel and Cultural Center.

What to do in Olafsvik

There are many opportunities available for visitors in the area, such as bird-watching, hiking and exploring the sandy beaches. With it’s excellent location close to the Snaefellsnesjokull glacier, it’s a great stop to fuel up, before exploring further the National Park.

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