Onundarfjordur is a particularly pretty fjord, even by Westfjords standards. This is partly due the sweeping golden-sand beach and dune system, called Holtsfjara, which curls out into the fjord.

Because of the white sandy beach, Onundarfjordur might feel a bit like Spain for a couple of days each summer.  The rest of the time it’s usually quite windy, but it makes for a great walk.  The dunes are a protected eider duck nesting area, so be aware of the birds during nesting time in May.

Sand Castle Competition

Every year locals head to the beach for a popular sand castle competition – it’s not just the children who are ambitious to win some of the great prices available. The adults are more then likely to arrive early to set up their camp and start creating some amazing sand structures.

Onundarfjordur in the Sagas

Steep mountains line the fjord on both sides and to get there travelers must drive across high heaths and through mountain passes, but the beauty of the fjord is worth it. At the bottom of the fjord is the mountain Hestfjall, which is 702 meters high. According to Gisla Saga, a Saga that takes place in the Westfjords, Vesteinn Vesteinsson, the blood brother of the main character Gisli, lived on a farm near Hestfjall.  The fjord’s name derives from it’s first settler, Onundur Vikingsson.

Where is Onundarfjordur fjord?

Onundarfjordur is located about half an hour drive from Isafjordur.  Flateyri is a small but beautiful village which rests in the fjord and is more than worth the stop.


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