The tiny outdoor maritime museum at Osvor, close to Bolungarvik is a gem worth visiting. There, a resident fisherman in full sheepskin gear greets visitor. He’ll educate and entertain with tales of how life was for Icelandic fishermen until the beginning of the 20th century.

Located by the shore at the eastern edge of Bolungarvik, the primitive encampment consists of a 19th century replica fishing station with salt shed, fish drying platform and a restored rowboat. The boat was built in 1941 and meant to be light and fast, easy to row and stable both when out on sea and when coming into landing.

Even though the museum is closed, it’s a wonderful visit, as visitors can view the small huts from the outside. Or stroll along the ocean front, that has great views of the village, the fjord and the mountains.

Opening hours of the museum

June 10th – August 20th: Daily 10 am – 16 (4 pm)

Rest of the year: Upon request

Where is the Outdoor Maritime Museum at Osvor?

The museum is located by the sea-side just before entering Bolungarvik, a quick 10 minutes drive from Isafjordur.


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