Paradisarlaut or Paradise Hollow is a beautiful and peaceful oasis sheltered in the middle of a mossy lava field, close by Glanni waterfall.

There’s a small pond in the middle of the hollow. The water trickling from under the lava and the rustling of wind in the bushes all around makes it the perfect picnic stop. Even though the dark blue water in the pond is generally quite cold. It can be refreshing to dip your toes into it on a warm summer day.

Paradisarlaut is a beautiful hollow, surrounded by mossy lava field. Not far off you can see the majestic Glanni waterfall in Nordura river. A viewing deck offers a great view of the waterfall and in the summer time. At any given time, you can see wild North Atlantic salmon jump in the river. You also might spot a fisherman or two.

A small pond is in the middle of the hollow, fed by a small stream from under the lava. The hollow is a favorite picnic stop among locals, since it offers shelter from the wind. The pond is quite cold, but on hot summer days many guest take off their shoes and dip their toes in it.