Geologically speaking, the East Fjords are one of the oldest areas in Iceland, and have the most diverse types of rocks and minerals. The magnificent exhibit of rocks at this museum have been collected over a lifetime by its owner Petra Sveinsdottir and are on display in her house and garden. More than 90% of the minerals and semi-precious stones were found in the surrounding Stodvarfjordur area.

Petra began building her mineral collection when she and her husband bought their house in 1946. For the first time in her life she had somewhere to store all her stones. Once Petra ran out of room in the house she started arranging stones in her garden. Hence it became Petra’s Minerals, an superb exhibition of minerals collected in East Iceland.

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‘Strange hobby’

In the fifties, the stones had started attracting such attention that travellers asked if they might take a look at her collection. At that time this was thought to be a strange hobby for a woman and some people told her that she should be doing more “productive” things, like baking bread or doing something around the house that was more becoming a housewife like herself. Petra said she could understand that it might be a little strange to spend so much time looking for stones, but on the other hand she did not care what others thought about her.

Major tourist attraction

The first few years of Petra’s museum, the visitors were a few Icelanders that wanted to see the stones, but bit by bit they grew in numbers and people from other countries started visiting. It was not long before thousands of guests visited Petra’s home each year. Today Petra’s Stone Collection receives between twenty and thirty thousand visitors each year and that makes Petra´s the most popular tourist destination in East Iceland.

Opening hours

May 1st – Sept 30th, 9 AM – 6 PM
Oct 1st – Apr 30th, mon-fri, 9 AM – 3 PM
Closed in December and January

Entrance fee

Entrance fee to Petra’s stone collection is 1500 ISK for 14 years and older.

GPS: 64.83547 N, -13.880521 W