Rauðisandur offers a spectacular view and countless numbers of seabirds and seals. Rauðisandur is a golden red sand beach in the Latrabjarg area. The magnificent hues of the sand differ with daylight and weather. Rauðisandur (Red Sand) takes its name from the multitudes of pulverized scallop shells that make up the beach, having accumulated over the centuries. There are some that say that the Viking settler Armodur ‘The Red’ Thorbjarnarson gave the beach its name.

Snaefellsjokull glacier imperiously captures your attention in the distance on a clear day. The vast, sandy shoreline is also regarded as a prime viewing spot for a variety of wildlife, including seals and seabirds.

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Raudisandur has been the inspiration for songs and poems throughout the years. A short hike along the beach will take you to the ruins of the Sjoundaa farm. That is the site of an infamous Icelandic murder in 1802. There two lovers living in the duplex farm conspired to kill each other spouses. They were later both arrested and sentenced to death.

Raudisandur cafe

The French Café is open in summer. There you can enjoy the view over the beach with a nice cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

This part of the Westfjords does not have paved roads. The road leading to Raudisandur is a winding gravel road so visitors are encouraged to drive slowly.

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