The quiet fishing village of Reydarfjordur is beautifully situated at the base of the longest and the widest of the East Fjords, with a distance of over 30 kilometers (18 mi). 

Reydarfjordur only came into being in the 20th century and served as an Allied base during World War II. The Icelandic Wartime museum in Reydarfjordur brings you back to the days when British and US soldiers guarded Iceland.

The village is also well known for hosting Alcoa, the world’s largest aluminum smelter which opened in 2007.

Things to do in Reydarfjordur

Geologically speaking, the East Fjords are one of the oldest areas in Iceland. It has the most diverse types of rocks and minerals. Serious hikers and geology buffs will therefore enjoy the many hiking paths in the mineral rich mountains of Graenafell, Kistufell, Hadegisfjall and Holmatindur.

Fishing at the local pond is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. If you prefer, you can check out the shopping mall Molinn in the center of the village. You can also take a dive in the local outdoor swimming pool.

Population: 1500

GPS: 65.035434 N, 65.035434 W