The goal of Reykjavik City Museum is to enhance interest, understanding and respect for the history of Reykjavik. It ensures that both inhabitants and visitors have a clear and easy access to the cultural heritage of the city.

The museum promotes knowledge of the history and living conditions of people of Reykjavik from the Settlement Age to the present day.

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The museum cohort includes the Arbaer Open Air Museum, The Settlement Exhibition, the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, the Maritime Museum, and Videy Island.

Arbaer Museum

Arbaer Open Air museum opened in 1957 and is comprised of over twenty old houses that form a sort of village. Each house is an exhibition in itself.

The Settlement Exhibition

Reykjavik 871± 2 or the Settlement Exhibition deals with the settlement of Reykjavik. The exhibition is based on scholars’ theories on what the heritage sites in central Reykjavik can tell us about the life and work of the first settlers. The focus of the exhibition is the remains of a hall from the Settlement Age which was excavated in 2001.

GPS: 64.147294 N, -21.942687 W

The Reykjavik Maritime Museum

The Reykjavik Maritime Museum is located by the old harbor in Reykjavik, in a building that was originally built as a fish freezing plant. The Museum exhibits Icelandic maritime history throughout the ages. One of the main attractions is the coast guard ship Odinn.

GPS: 64.153105 N, -21.950149 W

Videy Island

Videy island was inhabited from soon after the settlement of Iceland around 900 AD. In 1225 a monastery was founded on the island by Thorvaldur Gissurarson, with the assistance of scholar/chieftain Snorri Sturluson. Visiting the island and the museum there is interesting and fun.

GPS: 64.164301 N, -21.852902 W