Saenautasel farm dates back to the year 1843. People farmed the area until 1943, except for the Askja Volcano eruption years (1875-1880).  Now rebuilt, the interior and exterior of the turf houses are on show to visitors, with guided tours that helps reveal the conditions of earlier Icelandic generations.

Many people say this farm served as a model for Independent People, the most popular novel by Iceland‘s only Nobel Prize winner, Halldor Laxness.

A visit here will give you an idea of what  Icelandic farmhouses were like 150 years ago. There is a a museum on site, as well as a restaurant where you can have coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pancakes. You can also see Icelandic farm animals around the house.

Is it open all year round?

No, the turf house is only open to visitors during summer time.

How to get to Saenautasel?

The farm is located quite remotely in the highlands of East Iceland by Road no. 907. It is only a 12km detour from the main road.

GPS: 65.26261 N, -15.516326 W