Iceland’s unique Viking history that is so colorfully described in the country’s medieval literature seems to come alive before your very eyes at the Saga Museum, located in Reykjavik‘s harbour. Eerily lifelike silicon figures depict 17 famous scenes from the Sagas including Leif Eiriksson’s famous voyage to Vinland.

The clothing, weapons and everyday objects have been reconstructed in painstaking detail. The weapons have been specially crafted and the wool and linen articles dyed by hand. Mini lectures are given via iPods. A video reveals how the impressive exhibit was made. It is based on descriptions found in the Viking Sagas and chronicles.

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The Settlement Exhibition

While digging an underground parking garage in 2001, construction workers came across the ruins of a large Viking-age longhouse in downtown Reykjavik. The archaeological remains were excavated and found to be dating from 871 plus or minus two years.

The longhouse is now preserved at its original location. It is the focal point of the exhibition about life in Viking Age at The Settlement Exhibition. Using digital projectors the Viking longhouse is brought back to life providing insights into the environment of a Reykjavik farm at the time of the first settlers.

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