Iceland’s unique Viking history that is so colorfully described in the country’s medieval literature seems to come alive before your very eyes at the Saga Museum, located at Reykjavik‘s harbor. 

Visitors can enjoy a self-guided audio tour describing the Vikings history in Iceland, while looking at eerily lifelike silicon figures that depict various famous scenes from the Sagas, including Leif Eiriksson’s famous voyage to Vinland.  The clothing, weapons and everyday objects have been reconstructed in painstaking detail. The weapons have been specially crafted and the wool and linen articles dyed by hand.

The museum provides a costume studio where guest can dress up, take selfies and discover their inner viking.

Opening hours of the Saga Museum

Daily from 10 – 17 (5 pm)

Where is the museum?

It’s located in Grandi area, close to the old harbor in Reykjavik