Located in a fertile valley along the southwestern shore of Skagafjordur Fjord, lies the friendly coastal town of Saudarkrokur. It is the largest town in the Skagafjordur district.

Saudarkrokur’s settlement roots date back to 1871 although the coast here featured in the ancient Grettir’s Saga. The nearby sheer sided Drangey Island is where Grettir spent his last years as an outlaw. Grettislaug, a lovely seaside thermal bathing pool, is where he recovered after a long swim in the icy ocean.

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The ‘downtown’ area of the village is quite charming. It’s loaded with a small collection of distinctive, traditional buildings where the past seems to be brought back to life, especially at Minjahusid Folk Museum. There you can observe workshop demonstrations by blacksmiths, carpenters and watchmakers. On the main street there is a general store that has been in operation since 1919.

Attractions in Saudarkrokur

Nearby is the Glaumbaer Folk Museum. It is housed in a particularly well maintained turf-roofed farmhouse. Saudarkrokur is also home to the only tannery in Europe that makes fish leather. Major fashion houses around the world use the leather for belts, shoes and wallets.

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