Siglufjardarskard is the mountain pass between Siglufjordur fjord and Fljot district, leading to Skagafjordur fjord. Originally the pass was a steep mountain edge only accessible by foot. There have been told many stories about the pass and people used to believe that evil mythical beings lived there.

In the year 1735 the priest Thorleifur Skaftason held a sermon and banished all evil creatures from the pass. As the story goes, the malicious creatures fled the priest. The creatures settled in Afglapaskard pass, a little to the south of Siglufjardarskard pass. 

The rough mountain track is about 15 km in length, made in 1947. Before the road tunnel called “Strákagöng” opened and provided better land transport in 1967, Siglufjardarskard was the main road, between the two fjords, apart from the sea route. It lies in an altitude of approx. 630 meters and is quite adventurous, both because it’s quite steep but also due to harsh winter conditions with snow and ice.

Nowadays the road is open for hiking and is a breath-taking route, filled to the brim with barren natural beauty, history and ghost stories. In Skarddal valley, on the northernside of the pass, is a small birch wood, the northern most forest in Iceland.

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