Skrudur island rises steeply out of the sea in Faskrudsfjordur, and many Icelandic bird spotters consider it a natural gem. 

On the island is a large cave where fishermen stayed during the fishing season as they journeyed to the south. The lush vegetation owes its rich year-round green color to fertilization by myriads of nesting birds.  Through Iceland’s history, people have visited the island to collect eggs and hunt birds. The island is surrounded by high cliffs and is accessible only to the bold and brave.

Birding on the island

The island is one of many great spots in Iceland to go birding. A variety of sea birds make their nests in the island, and spending a few hours on the island will pay off. Northern gannet birds are in abundance here, along with puffins, kittiwakes and fulmars.

Folklore and Skrudur Island

Legends say three  brothers who were giants who lived in the East. One of them lived on Skrudur, one in Streitishvarf and one on Papey Island. The Skrudur dweller abducted his wife from the on-shore vicarage of Kolfreyjustadur; she was the local priest´s young daughter.