The small and charming fishing village of Stokkseyri in South Iceland is a place of breathtaking views with canals, islands and endless unique lagoons to explore. Founded in 930 AD and once an important trading and fishing center, the town now has a population of 445.

Stokkseyri is renowned today for its unique cultural activities and museums as well as a famous seaside restaurant serving a divine langoustine lobster bisque few can forget.

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What to do in Stokkseyri

There are a number of interesting workshops and art galleries to peruse as well as the eerie Ghost Center, The Elves, Trolls and Northern Lights Museum and The Wildlife Museum, dedicated to hunting and wildlife. The most famous cultural center is the Thuridarbud which reveals how local fisherman made do with what Iceland‘s nature has provided over the years. The small town is a perfect place to spot the Northern lights.

The Stokkseyri swimming pool has an 18 meter outdoor pool with a waterslide, a wading pool, two hot tubs and good changing rooms.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy some of the best sea kayaking in the country as well as a family recreation park and campgrounds. The rich birdlife is a major draw as well as the picturesque Knarrarosviti lighthouse, which architectural design is an interesting blend of functionalism and art nouveau. The Stokkseyri shore offers some of the most impressive breaker waves in Iceland.

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