The Strandir coast, along the Westfjords’ eastern edge, is renowned for its ‘rugged beauty’. It seems as likely place as any for such a cliché to originate!

Beaches strewn with driftwood, seals lazing about offshore and birds aplenty. A road that, if you follow it all the way north, simply ends at the edge of a vast, desolate wilderness. The home to the arctic fox and the wildest wild blueberries in the country.

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Some of this area is only accessible during summer and early autumn; even transport by sea can be impossible, with the fjords this far north choked with pack-ice sometimes well into spring.

When you wish to leave the modern society behind, Strandir is the place to go. No wifi, no cell phones, just you and nature. Strandir is a popular hiking attraction and many Icelanders visit this area every year. For a good reason, this area seems almost magical, pure and unspoiled.

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