The remote village of Sudureyri with a population of about 300 was once isolated by high mountains and rough roads. However thanks to a tunnel through the mountain, Sudureyri now welcomes visitors year-round.

The full name of Sudureyri vid Sugandafjord is a real tongue twister, even for Icelanders!

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The thriving community combines fishing tradition with tourism. Every year enthusiastic sea anglers visit the village and try their luck at catching cod and halibut out in the fjord. Small boat fishery characterize the village. The harbor is the place to be, when the boats arrive in the after-noon heavy laden with their catch.

The village is the only community on the north-west corner of Westfjords that enjoys geothermal hot water. The supply provides enough hot water to heat all buildings and homes along with the only outdoor swimming pool, in the area.

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