Talknafjordur is a tiny village on the southern part of the Westfjords.  High mountains shelter the village. It also has a fabulous natural harbor protected from the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean.   

For centuries, locals have made their living from fishing. Nowadays the economy is boosted by groups of tourists enjoying sea angling in the summer time. Talknafjordur is one of the many small fishing villages in the Westfjords. There you find many small fishing boats and some larger ones as well and the harbor area is often quite busy.

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A local “must-see” is „Pollurinn“ or the „pool“, a geothermal pool located in the hill-side, close to the village itself. The hot water flows unfiltered from the ground, resulting in greenish algae floating in the water and sticking to the edges of the pool.  The stunning views of the fjord, mountains and the ocean will without a doubt take your breath away.  With rustic changing facilities, it does not come any more natural than this!

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