The Technical Museum is in Seydisfjordur village. In the early 1900s, the quaint town served as the site for several technological ‘firsts’ including Iceland’s first telegraph station, the first modern electric power station and the first machine shop to run on hydroelectricity.

The interactive exhibitions at the Technical Museum of East Iceland focus on technical innovations in areas of electricity, communications, architecture, telephony, mechanics and commerce.

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The Technical Museum of East Iceland was established in 1984. The museum’s main focus is on the influx of modern times around 1880 to 1960. Technical innovations in areas such as mechanics, electricity, communications, telephony, commerce and architecture are interlaced with changes in lifestyle and milieu.

Exhibitions are animate and seek to recreate the atmosphere of the times they portray. The museum is also an open air recreation area, outstanding for taking walks and enjoying each others company. The Technical Museum supports a family-friendly policy and works progressively on producing informative settings as well as constructive and worthwhile entertainment for guests of all ages.

In addition the museum serves as a research centre and teaching facility for all levels of education. Staff members also carry out independent research projects relating to the museum’s area of interest.

Opening hours

September 16th – May 31st:

Mon-Fri: 1pm – 4pm*

Sat-Sun: Closed*

June 1st – September 15th:

Mon-Fri: 111m – 5pm*

Sat-Sun: Closed*

*or by arrangement

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