Icelandic folklore is filled with stories about elves, trolls and ogresses. They often appear as characters in children’s books by local authors. The Giantess in the Mountain is a large art piece based on a children’s book by Icelandic author Herdis Egilsdottir.

Starting in 1959, children’s author Herdis Egilsdottir wrote 16 stories about a little girl named Sigga and her ogress friend, the Giantess in the Mountain. Importantly, her last story describes how the Giantess moved to Reykjanesbaer.

The Giantess in the Mountain

The Giantess is 400 years old and over 5 metres (16 feet) tall. She has eyes the size of footballs (soccer balls). Although she’s large, you don’t need to be alarmed.  The Giantess always does her best to be polite and helpful.  The Nordanbal Art Group designed the gentle Giantess and her cave, and indeed they have portrayed her relaxing in a rocking chair in her cave’s kitchen.

Just like in the story, the Giantess in the Mountain moved to Reykjanesbaer in 2008 for the annual Night of Lights festival. She is now located in Black Cave at  Grof marina. She has settled well into her nice cave with its superb view over the the bays of Keflavik and Faxafloi.