Tales of sea monsters have played a colorful role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries.  Today, these elusive creatures own a worthy home. Namely at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum, located in the village of Bildudalur on the shores of Arnarfjordur. Even though sightings of such beings are being reported from various location in Iceland, Arnarfjordur tops the list.  It’s truly the number one place!

First-hand accounts from eye-witnesses, join on-screen academic theories on the nature of sea monsters. Furthermore there is a display on a variety of relics and artifacts. These objects relate to this mysterious branch of zoology that appear throughout the museum as tangible evidence for the monsters existence.

According to the Icelandic folklore, four species of sea monsters are local to the seas around Iceland.  First known is fjorulalli (shore laddie), then hafmaður (merman), thirdly skeljaskrimsli (shell monster) and finally faxaskrimsli (combed monster / sea horse).  A lively mix of text, images and videos describe the distinctive features and character of each of these creatures. Additionally, young and old alike can enjoy hunting for the sea monsters at the one-of-a-kind interactive table, placed at the center of the museum.

And to feed monster appetites, the museum cafeteria offers a range of light refreshments and snacks.

Opening hours of the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum

June 1st – August 31st: Daily 10 am – 18 (6 pm)

Rest of the year: Upon request

Where is the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum?

The museum is located in Bildudalur, in the Westfjords, about 2 hours drive from Isafjordur


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