Note – Today the Njáll’s Saga exhibit is part of the Valhalla Restaurant in Hvolsvollur, South Iceland. 

The Saga Center in South Iceland was opened in 1997 in the town of Hvolsvollur. It tells the story of Njall’s Saga, one of Iceland’s greatest literary works.

Dating back to the Viking times, Iceland‘s historical, literary and and cultural heritage provides visitors insights into Northern European society over the centuries.

The country’s most important contribution to the world of literature is without a doubt Njala, or Njáll’s Saga (the Saga of Burnt Njáll).  The Saga is about the friendship and later feuding between two powerful families in South Iceland. The center exhibit introduces you to the characters of Iceland’s ancient stories. You will also also learn about Viking cosmology and the literary art of the Sagas.

In 2021, the exhibit became part of a new restaurant, Valhalla, that moved into the building. While the restaurant serves highly reviewed barbecued ribs and burgers, the decor reflects a Viking Age theme.  Guests can visit the Saga exhibit and try out Viking activities like axe throwing.

You can also discover Viking history at Viking World on Reykjanes Peninsula, and at the Settlement Center and Eiriksstadir Viking Home in West Iceland.