Thingeyri village, in Dyrafjordur fjord is an old trading post. However the prefix “Thing” indicates it was once an important assembly site too. Just east of Thingeyri is Dyrafjardabotn, a beautiful area with a majestic mountain range and rich flora.

High mountains characterize the picturesque area around Thingeyri. The highland area between the fjords of Dyrafjordur and Arnarfjordur, to the south, is often referred to as the Alps of the Westfjords.  To that extent, many people consider Dyrafjordur the most beautiful fjord in the whole of the Westfjords. It is narrow and long, accentuating the majesty of the surrounding mountains.

Culture and industry

The harbor is usually bustling with life, when the small fishing boats arrive full of fish, as fisheries remain the main source of income for Thingeyri.

What to do in Thingeyri?

Kaldbakur, the highest mountain in the Westfjords, is close to Thingeyri and a hike to the top is relatively easy – even for inexperienced hikers.

For those interested in golf, one of Iceland‘s most scenic golf courses, Glama golf club, is just a stone’s throw away from Thingeyri. With the Westfjords Alps as a backdrop it’s a stunning place to tee off.

Simbahöllin is a homely café, specializing in Belgian waffles, set in a beautifully renovated old Norwegian house from 1915. Furthermore visitors can rent mountain bikes at the cafe, as the area around Thingeyri offers plenty of interesting cycling routes. Both the challenging Salvogar circuit to more leisurely paced rides to the bottom of the fjord.

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