One of most hidden Icelandic gems is Trollaskagi peninsula, a truly astonishing and fascinating kingdom a bit separated from the rest of the country because of the high and dense mountains which cover it all.

The highest point is mount Kerling, Kerlingarfjöll, with its 1538 m., and two fjords flank the peninsula. Skagafjordur fjord on the West is the gateway to northwestern Iceland while Eyjafjörður.

What to see in the Troll Peninsula?

Driving the Troll Peninsula is an epic fairy tale route leading from Akureyri, along the spectacular coastline, through small fishing communities like Dalvik, Olafsfjordur and Siglufjordur, with it’s fabulous herring museum.

You will traverse emerald green valleys overshadowed by monster mountains, named for their gigantic storybook counterparts. The mountains ascend the rising heights of sheer cliffs and occasionally disappear into the darkness of narrow tunnels.

Things to do in the Troll Peninsula

The peninsula is increasing in popularity as an outdoor recreational area with skiers, hikers, mountaineers and horse riders. In winter you can go heliskiing in the mountains. In summer you can go on a hike through the many vales or fjords, in serene and beautiful scenery.

The 1st of August there’s a festival in Dalvik. If you’re there at that time make sure you don’t miss it.

Hrisey ferry in Dalvik

Hrisey island is a pleasant green and flat island. It is accessible several times a day by ferry from Dalvik or from the small village of Árskógssandur.

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