The easily accessible Vidgelmir cave is one of the biggest caves in Iceland. Spectacular lighting complements the amazing colours and lava formations that lurk down in the depths of the Earth. Bones and jewelry from the Viking era were found in the cave in 1993.

How long is Vidgelmir cave?

Just shy of 1600 meters/ 5250 ft Víðgelmir has been called Iceland‘s mightiest cave and specialists consider it one of the most remarkable caves in the world. The massive lava tube is located in Hallmundarhraun in West Iceland.

The cave has two entrances created when the roof of the lava tube collapsed. The cave is huge in some places but narows down in others and has a rough floor that can be diffult to traverse without a guide. The newly put in walkway makes viewing the cave a lot easier. The cave has breathtaking ice formations and deep inside it you’ll sem amazing lava stalactites and stalagmites.

The Cave is a family owned and operated business based out of the historic farm of Fljótstunga in Western Iceland.

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