Vogar was the largest village in the Reykjanes peninsula at the end of the 19th century.  It was larger than Keflavik and Grindavik together.

These days, most people in Vogar work in Reykjavik or the nearby communities of  Reykjanesbaer.

In Vogar, you can find various services. Moreover, you can enjoy a walk along the sea, watch the bird life by Vogatjorn pond, and view the monument Islands Hrafnistumenn by Erlingur Jonsson. The monument is in memory of fishermen from the area. Each August, Family Day takes place in  the town of Vogar, and the town comes alive with people of all ages enjoying themselves together.

At Kalfatjorn you will find an excellent 9 hole golf course, which runs by one of the largest wooden churches in Iceland. In the district of Vatnsleysustrond are several landmarks, among them are Mount Keilir, Haibjalli, Snorrastadatjarnir lakes, Hrafnagja Canyon and Stadarborg.

Population:  1.200