The history of Isafjordur is inevitably linked to the fishing industry which is well represented at the Westfjords Heritage Museum.

The museum is in a 1784 salt fish warehouse. Exhibits trace the development of the town and its fishing industry through nautical paraphernalia and an engaging documentary on open rowboat fishing.

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Isafjordur: Gateway to the Secret Westfjords
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Most of the museum collection consists of various historical things regarding the fisheries and the fishing industry around the Westfjords. Among interesting things is a collection of 190 accordions, a collection of valuable old boats and different things found by divers in the seas around the fjords. The museum is a popular point of interest. Visitors from cruise ships that come to Isafjordur are frequent guests. A local theater group dressed in Icelandic national costumes makes a play of the daily life of the beginning 19th century. They sing and dance to a music and put the fish bacalao out in the sun to dry. In 2013 during the summer opening time, 12,000 visitors came to visit the museum.

At the adjacent museum restaurant visitors can see the traditional ‘sun-drying’ method for drying cod. The fish tastes expertly prepared salt cod caught from local waters.

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