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Top Volcanoes in Iceland

It’s no wonder Icelanders are such active people. With 30 active volcanic systems on the island, we...
19 January 2018

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Your Iceland Bucket List

New Year, new you! We love this time of year with its promise of new beginnings, exciting adventure...
05 January 2018

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A Taste of Icelandic Christmas

Holidays are coming! Holidays are coming! And with them, all the delicious food! As you can probabl...
15 December 2017

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A Relaxing Soak in Iceland

Icelanders are famed for their youthful good looks and healthy skin. While some of this might have ...
07 December 2017

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Iceland Travel Road Trips

Have you decided to let your dream of visiting Ice...
27 November 2017

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Shopping in Reykjavík

Christmas time is here! Well almost, but it‘s certainly time to start thinking about presents and w...
13 November 2017

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Your Week in Iceland

Iceland’s geographical size means that you can spend a long time here, and still not see everything...
04 November 2017

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#Iceland on Instagram

Everyone loves holiday snaps and with the popularity of social media is has now become extremely ea...
27 October 2017


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