09. june. 2015

I did! I did! #ImetTominIceland

And so to my final blog reflecting on my 30 day social media campaign journey spent introducing cardboard Tom to just a little of what I think the real Sir Tom Jones would love about Iceland. A big thank you to everyone who participated - friends, colleagues, strangers, suppliers, tourists, families and animals (none of which were harmed during filming..) The willingness and enthusiasm shown by all in taking part in the fun was fantastic! It was also really cool to experience firsthand how popular Tom Jones and his music are irrespective of age and nationality. And yes, it happened, I can finally say hand on heart that  #ImetTominIceland.

liz and tom 4 real Though looking at the photograph above taken to capture "the moment", I think you will agree that I do look ever so slightly more excited about things than he does..!  The photo on the right shows our cardboard Tom how he looks today having spent the last 30 days and nights running around Iceland.

Regular readers of the blog will know that he has partied hard, met a kazzilion people and taken in the sights and sounds of our fantastic destination, Iceland. Incidentally, for those that are interested, we will be putting up a special blog folder with all cardboard Tom related material so please drop in again soon. A short recap on the campaign: Hi I’m Liz from Wales. On June 8th Tom Jones, my idol and fellow Welshman will perform a concert LIVE in Reykjavik and celebrate his 75th Birthday the day before in my adopted home of Iceland. For 30 days I’m traveling around Iceland with my cardboard cut-out “Tom,” interacting with locals and visitors alike to share something different each day that I love about Iceland. Hopefully when this adventure is all said and done, Tom will have thirty great reasons to love Iceland as much as I do, and I’ll be able to live out a lifelong dream and say that … #IMetTominIceland. You can follow my journey and the countdown to Sir Tom’s arrival here on the Iceland Travel blog, and by following the hashtag #IMetTominIceland on Twitter (@IcelandTravelTO).    

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