26. jan. 2017

Meet the Experts!

We here at Iceland Travel are proud of the knowledge and care our team shows on a daily basis when helping you plan your Iceland tour.

A recent customer survey shows that 90% of all participants would recommend Iceland Travel, so we must be doing something right! To celebrate we decided to pick the brains of some of our travel experts to get their travel tips and tricks.

María Rut Beck

Maria loves enlightening people about the stunning nature of Iceland and all the outdoor activities it offers. Her favourite place in Iceland is Snæfellsnes, “There‘s something magical about that place,” she says, “even though the aliens never landed there after all” She names Hellnar and Arnarstapi as must- sees in the area. “And if you have the opportunity to go to the East Fjords and experience the East Fjord mists, like in Nestkaupsstaður in summer, that’s definitely one of my top three jaw dropping moments in Iceland. I enjoy talking to people from all over the world, just the other day I got an email from a woman on the other side of the world telling me she couldn’t wait to come here for the cold, since it was 40°c where she lives. I love getting a glimpse of life in far away places.”

María Rut

Nino Guðmundsdóttir

Nino is from Georgia but has travelled around Iceland extensively with her husband and says that’s what inspired her to join the Iceland Travel team, “I love travelling, I love people and I love Iceland” she says with a laugh. “I enjoy being able to answer people’s questions and to be able to help people with planning their Iceland trip. “Although some enquiries aren‘t possible to solve, like when people want to see the Northern Lights in July or ask me to arrange a meeting with the Game of Thrones cast. Unfortunately Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch don‘t work for Iceland Travel but I just tell people to try their luck on our Iceland with the Stars tour, you never know who you might run into” Nino‘s favourite place in Iceland is the north. “Akureyri, and specifically Dimmuborgir. It‘s just so different from anywhere else. When people ask me what they need to see in Iceland I just want to say ‘Everything!’“

Auður Inga Rúnarsdóttir

“My favourite tours to plan are when people are on their honeymoon or celebrating their anniversary. I always try to go the extra mile and find special places for them to visit. I love it when people tell me about the special occasions for their Iceland trip, it makes it personal and it's so great being able to help plan these kinds of trips.” Auður‘s must-visit places in Iceland are Skaftafell and Jökulsárlón. “Those places are amazing all year but I especially recommend them in winter since they are so accessible. Hiking around Skaftafell is great and even though boat tours on Jökulsárlón are a popular tourist attraction, they are so well run that it never feels crowded.” If you‘re heading to the south shore Auður’s expert tip is to stop off at the shops first for some snacks since they are few and far between from Hofn to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. „And make sure you use the facilities too!” she says with a wink.

 Auður Inga
 Lára Björk

Lára Björk Hördal

Lára is one of the newest members of the Iceland Travel team and is very happy to have joined. “There is such a great atmosphere in the office and it is so much fun working with such knowledgeable people,” she says. She also loves being able to help people plan their dream holiday. “Although it can sometimes be tricky when people aren‘t sure where they‘re going, like the woman who had a list of activities and hotels she wanted me to book, but unfortunately they were all in Norway!” Lára‘s favourite activity in Iceland is snorkelling in the Silfra fissure in Thingvellir. „It‘s just an amazing experience and makes you feel great. The Westfjords are also on Lára’s list of places visitors should see. “They’re so unique and the people there are so welcoming.”

Nadia Rannveig Ásgeirsdóttir

Nadia has worked in the travel industry since she was a child in Vestmannaeyjar where her mother had a hands craft shop. “What really makes my day is the incredible team here at Iceland Travel, both in the websales department and the whole company.” Nadia makes sure to represent her hometown in her work, “I usually tell people about Vestmannaeyjar because not a lot of people realise how beautiful the island is and don‘t think to visit.” Nadia‘s travel tip is to pack for all kinds of weather, no matter when you’re travelling to Iceland. “You never know what kind of weather you are going to get so you‘ll need to be flexible. The weather can change every five minutes, especially in the highlands” Nadia is the resident Greenland expert but since going there is not possible year round she sometimes has to come up with alternatives. “I love finding out what it is exactly that people were wanting to do in Greenland and finding similar activities in Iceland. It might not be the exact same experience but I guarantee you won‘t be disappointed.”

 Nadia Rannveig

Saga Roman

“I love helping people plan all sorts of holidays. Lately we‘ve noticed an increase in film related enquiries. Since Iceland is now a popular setting for a lot of films and TV shows that is to be expected, although unfortunately we can‘t arrange for you to stay on the film sets,” she smiles. Saga‘s favourite place in Iceland is Snæfellsnes where she used to spend time with her grandparents as a child. “I‘d also recommend the Reykjanes peninsula and I always tell people to take the scenic route through Reykjanes on their way from the airport. There’s an old timber house between Innri Njarðvík  and Ytri Njarðvík that legend has it used to be Grýla‘s house.“ Grýla is the Yule Lads mother and an ogre but luckily the house has now been converted to a petting zoo. The Viking Museum is also close by. Saga speaks 5 languages fluently and states that as her main reason for getting into the travel industry. “I figured my language skills would be of good use here and it turns out I love it!”

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Áslaug Torfadóttir

Áslaug recently joined the Iceland Travel team after a decade of adventures out in the big, wide world. But all roads lead to Iceland as they (totally) say, and Áslaug is happy to now have the opportunity to introduce her home country to other travellers. Her favorite spot in Iceland is Skarðsvík beach on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, with Húsavík  a close second.
When not hard at work with the Iceland Travel team Áslaug writes scripts and plays and does copious amounts of research by watching hours upon hours of Netflix and visiting the local theatres and restaurants. Her favorite Icelandic saying is „Þetta reddast“ – roughly translated as „Eh…it‘ll be fine“