Iceland is open to visitors from other EU and Schengen states, but certain travel restrictions are in place. Preregistration of visitors is required and all are strongly encouraged to download and use the COVID-19 app Rakning C-19. Passengers arriving in Iceland on and after August 19th 2020 may choose either to submit to two screening tests for COVID-19, separated by five days’ quarantine until the results of the second test are known; or not to undergo border screening but instead to spend 14 days in quarantine after arrival.

More information, including testing and quarantine guidelines can be found at

There are plenty of options to make the best of your quarantine and post-quarantine stay in Iceland—and we can help!

Those in quarantine are permitted to take walks, hikes or bike rides with respect to the two-meter social distancing rule. So why not make the most of your five days and practice a little self-care? We even have a podcast all about Iceland, loads of blogs on our website, and playlist of our favorite Icelandic tunes to keep you entertained all the way through. Get more ideas for how to make the best of your quarantine in our latest blog.

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Iceland Travel is working within guidelines sort forth by the Icelandic health, safety, and tourism authorities during the covid-19 pandemic.

Information can be found on the Directorate of Health and on Icelandic Tourist Board, including guidelines for coaches, instructions for frontline service staff, and more. Further information can also be found on

If you are unable to travel due to covid-19, related reasons are defined as:

I. If Iceland is defined as a high-risk area by your or your client’s home country (your country of residence)
II. If your or your client’s home country is defined as high-risk country by the Icelandic authorities and you need to stay in quarantine on arrival in Iceland.
III. If the borders are closed in either direction for travel
IV. If your flight to/from Iceland is cancelled or schedule changes affect your travel plan

You can re-book your or your client’s vacation to Iceland and change the date of arrival without being charged a change fee or any payment against the travelers booking which will be cancelled due to any of the above covid-19 related reasons and has been paid to Iceland Travel will be refunded in full.

However, if you or your client tests positive upon arrival or during the trip we strongly recommend that they have appropriate health and travel insurance and are aware of what is covered and included before they travel.

We recommend that all our guests bring their own personal protective equipment they are most comfortable using, such as mask, gloves and sanitizer.

Unless your reason to cancel is any of the above covid-19 related, our standard terms and conditions will apply.


If someone tests positive upon arrival or anytime during the trip, is it covered under insurance? What expenses will they accrue?

As always, we strongly recommend that our guests obtain appropriate health and travel insurance and are aware of what is covered and included in their policies before they depart home.

How many empty seats are between each guest?

We will follow government guidelines regarding seating and social distancing on the coach. People traveling together will be seated together and depending on government guidelines, there could open seats to distance travelers. Face coverings should be worn where mandated or desired. Social distancing will be used when boarding the coach.

What happens if someone gets sick with covid-19 during a group tour?

If a guest in a group has any covid-19 symptoms, we are obligated to follow instruction given by the Icelandic authorities and which may delay or change the plan of the tour.

What will happen if local or international health authorities change travel advisories or restrict travel while a tour is taking place?

If health authorities or government recommend or implement restrictions for certain areas that are part of the planned itinerary, we will make necessary alterations to the tour for the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

If my tour operates, can I expect that parts of my itinerary will be changed, closed or unavailable? What will Iceland Travel do if this happens?

Iceland Travel will resume operations when we are confident we can provide an experience that best meets the planned itinerary and safeguards our guest’s well-being as best as possible. This new (and temporary) way of living and operating has affected all countries and our partners. We are all learning how to best operate in a new way. Travel is an adventure – even during the best of times your itinerary may change depending on local events and conditions – and the adventure aspect of travel is part of the fun. Guests should expect that certain attractions may remain closed, are operating but not yet open to the public or are limiting services, hours, etc. Depending on local conditions, these changes may happen quickly and on a daily basis. We want to ensure every guest has a great time on tour, and that everyone’s health and well-being always come first.

Will Iceland Travel provide face masks and sanitizer to all guests?

We recommend that all our guests bring their own personal protective equipment they are most comfortable using, such as mask, gloves and sanitizer.

Will breakfast buffet be served at hotels ? If so, what kind of pre-cautions will be arranged?

Protocol might vary from one hotel to another. Health authorities have published guidelines regarding how breakfast (buffet) can be offered. The guidelines might change from time to time.

For more information regarding specific terms and conditions related to covid-19, please see our terms and conditions page.