The secluded beauty of east Iceland with its breathtaking fjords and charming fishing villages is only just beginning to be discovered by travellers. The landscape exhibits an extraordinary palette of colors in a contrast of extremes with narrow fjords, jagged peaks, toppling waterfalls, geothermal hotspots, lush forests and endless green valleys where you can truly experience tranquility with nature.

East Iceland attractions

Egilsstadir town serves as the central hub with the regional airport and the adorable village of Seydisfjordur is renowned for its impressive old houses from around a century ago, when it was one of the largest population centers in the country.

Nearby, Hallormsstadaskogur is an impressive forest in a country otherwise almost barren of trees. Beyond that lies the wild and wooly natural habitat of Iceland’s reindeer population which can only be found in east Iceland.

The East Fjords are one of the oldest regions in Iceland, which was shaped by glaciers during the Ice Age. Although many are uninhabited, each fjord has its own grandeur. The natural harbors in the fjords led to the development of fishing villages that have still hung on to a degree of old-world charm.

Things to do in East Iceland

Local folklore is filled with legends of hidden elves and there are several interesting museums in the region worth visiting including the Wartime Museum and Petra’s Mineral Collection.

The East enjoys some of the sunniest weather in the country and visitors enjoy spending time hiking, horseback riding, sea angling and taking boat rides among the many grassy islands off shore.

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