Energias secretas y auroras boreales

Icebergs, aguas termales y volcanes que dominan el precioso paisaje del sur del país están incluidos en este viaje.

Periodo:05 Octubre - 05 Abril
Duración:6 Días/5 noches

Energias secretas y auroras boreales

Energías secretas y auroras boreales

Icebergs, aguas termales y volcanes que dominan el precioso paisaje del sur del país están incluidos en este viaje. En esta aventura, descubrirá los poderes secretos de la isla, incluyendo visitas espectaculares del volcán Eyjafjallajökull y la impresionante Laguna glaciar. Su alojamiento en las zonas rurales está idealmente situado para ir a la caza de las mágicas auroras boreales.

Fechas de salidas:
12 noviembre 2017
08 febrero 2018
15 marzo 2018



  • 2 noches de alojamiento en Reykjavík, desayuno incluido
  • 3 noches de alojamiento en zona rural, desayuno incluido
  • Guía de habla hispana desde el día 2 hasta el día 5
  • 3 x cena  1 plato, incluyendo café/té (días 2,3 y 4)
  • Entrada al Centro de auroras boreales en Reykjavik
  • Degustación en el Spa Fontana Laugarvatn
  • Entrada al nuevo centro de información de lava y volcanes "Lava volcano and earthquake center" y visualización  de un cortometraje en inglés
  • Caza de auroras boreales a pie una de las noches fuera de Reykjavik (linterna, manta y termo con chocolate incluidos)
  • Servicio de despertador durante la noche en caso de que hayan
    auroras boreales (opción solamente en los hoteles rurales)
  • Baño en la laguna azul + toalla (día 5) 

No incluido:

  • Desayuno día de llegada 
  • Cenas en Reykjavik
  • Bebidas
  • Vuelos internacionales
  • Níngún servicio no mencionado en "incluido"


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Day 1: Arrival

Overnight stay in Reykjavik (airport transfer not included).


Day 2: Thingvellir - Geysir - Gullfoss

Northern Lights Centre - National Park with Geological Wonders (UNESCO) - Exploding Geysers - The Famous Golden Falls

Start the day by visiting the recently opened and fascinating Northern Lights Centre in Reykjavik for an exciting and informative presentation on the Northern Lights.

Onwards to Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage site) where the world's oldest parliament met for centuries on the shores of Iceland's largest lake. Drive to Laugarvatn Fontana where your group experiences a geothermal bakery first-hand and digs up bread that has been cooked underground. Sample the delicious bread, served hot from the ground and slathered with fresh Icelandic butter.

Continue through farmland areas to the geothermal fields of Geysir with bubbling mud pools and the high-spouting Strokkur hot spring. Last but not least, visit the dramatic two-tiered Gullfoss Waterfall, a spectacular sight in winter when frozen mid-cascade.

Stop at Skalholt, Iceland’s capital during the Middle-Ages and now a culture center with a beautiful church. 

Overnight in the south coast area.



Gullfoss  |Geysir

Day 3: South Shore - Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Waterfalls - Glacial Views - Black-Sand Beaches - Lava Centre 

Drive along the south shore, an area of Iceland that is beautiful to view in the winter. This is one of the main farm regions of the country, and the road will pass by typical Icelandic farms, often with Icelandic horses in the fields.

This part of Iceland is home to the new Lava Centre, an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years.   Enjoy both the exhibit and viewing an interesting film about Icelandic volcanoes at the center's cinema.

Stop at the spectacular waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. Head onwards, passing by Myrdalsjokull Glacier, to visit Reynisfjara beach. Take a walk on the black sands, and admire the extraordinary rock formations and thundering waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dinner and overnight stay in Kirkjubaejarklaustur area



Eyjafjallajokull  |Seljalandsfoss  |Skogafoss  |Vík

Day 4: Skaftafell National Park - Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Europe's Largest National Park - Glacial Lagoon with Icebergs - Europe's Largest Glacier

Today enter the area of Vatnajokull National Park, named after Europe's largest glacier. This national park is also the largest one in Western Europe. The park's Skaftafell region is a site of outstanding natural beauty, dominated by Vatnajokull glacier.

View Svinafellsjökull, one of the most beautiful of the glacial outlets emerging from Vatnajökull.   

Continue to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon where you can enjoy a breathtaking sight of icebergs floating in the fantastic 180m (591 ft) deep glacial lagoon.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 5: Volcanic Areas - Hveragerdi - Blue Lagoon - Reykjavik

Greenhouse Village - Thundering Waves - Geothermal Lagoon

Head towards the village of Hveragerdi, which is one of the few sites in the world located directly in the middle of a geothermal area. Hveragerdi is often called "The Flower Village" because of its many greenhouses heated by hot water from nearby springs. Follow along the coastline with its breathtaking waves and through a deserted community that once was a flourishing centre for the region.

On to the Reykjanes peninsula, where you can enjoy a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, a unique wonder of nature with pleasantly warm, mineral-rich water in the middle of a black lava field. 

Return to Reykjavik, where the evening is at your own leisure. Dinner is on your own.



Hveragerdi  |The Blue Lagoon  |Reykjanes

Day 6: Departure

Transfer to the international airport (not included).


Day 1: 天抵达

抵达雷克雅未克,自行提取行李出海关。 前往酒店休息,调整时差。


Day 2: 天雷克雅未克=北极光体验中心 = 黄金圈

上午前往北极光体验中心参观,了解极光知识及拍摄技巧,后启程游览冰岛著名的 “黄金圈”。包括的主要游 览项目有:冰岛历史上最负盛名的圣地,素有“世界最古老的民主议会会址”之称的辛格维利尔国家公园 ( 世 界文化遗产 )。1930 年冰岛人曾来此纪念古议会成立 100 周年。2004 年辛格维利尔国家公园被联合国教科文 组织列入“世界遗产名录”。这里有欧亚板块和美洲板块的交界断裂带(仍以年均 2 厘米的速度分离),站在 欧亚板块岩石上极目远眺,对面广阔的平原中间镶嵌着弯弯的国会湖。之后有机会来到 Laugarvatn 温泉区, 了解并品尝由温泉地热烘焙而出的特色黑面包。下一站来到盖锡尔地热区观赏史托克 Strokkur 间歇喷泉。此地 区以盖歇尔 Geysir 喷泉而得名。据说是在 13 世纪末的强烈地震中,海克拉火山 Hekla 喷发冲击了盖锡尔间歇 喷泉所在的峡谷,因此而形成喷泉。现在主要景点是史托克喷泉,每 10 分钟左右会喷发一次,喷发出的白色 热水柱可以高达 18 米。午餐后前往黄金瀑布 Gullfoss。黄金瀑布位于 Hvito 峡谷,32 米高,20 米宽,从 70 米深的峡谷中倾泻而下。急泻过程中激起漫天水雾,沸腾的水雾在阳光下形成道道彩虹,金光闪闪,故而得名“黄 金瀑布”。之后前往入住酒店休息。(晚上如足够幸运,即可见到极光踪影。)



Gullfoss  |Geysir

Day 3: 天南岸风光

今日前往冰岛南部,沿途欣赏史克卡瀑布和塞里雅兰瀑布以及冰岛南岸旖旎的黑沙滩。首先前往 2017 年冰岛 新对外开放的火山中心,可带您直观的了解火山、地震等地壳活动。史克卡瀑布(Skógarfoss)是冰岛最大的 瀑布之一,宽 25 米,高 60 米,周围云雾缭绕,因此瀑布总是能产生一个或一对儿彩虹,通常在晴天的日子都 可看见。塞里雅兰瀑布高度 50 米,有意思的是,在瀑布后面,悬崖底部有一条可供游人穿过的小径,使得游 人可以在瀑布后行走,有如进入水帘洞一般。前往冰岛南部美丽的黑沙滩,Reynisdrangar 黑色玄武岩柱群屹 立在大西洋波澜大浪中,甚为壮观。之后前往入住酒店休息(晚上如足够幸运,即可见到极光踪影。)



Eyjafjallajokull  |Seljalandsfoss  |Skogafoss  |Vík

Day 4: 天史卡法特国家公园 - 杰古沙龙湖

早餐后乘车前往冰岛南部最著名景点之一一杰古沙龙湖。杰古沙龙湖(Jökulsárlón)是冰岛最大、最著名的冰 川湖,大约 200 米深,位于瓦特纳冰原(Vatnajökull)的南端。著名的好莱坞电影“古墓丽影”和“蝙蝠侠 . 开 战时刻”及 007 系列电影如“择日而亡”,等都曾在此取景拍摄。湖泊遍布漂浮的冰山,湖泊中可以看到海贼 鸥、大海鸥和海豹。 史卡法特国家公园(Skaftafell)是冰岛第二大国家公园(最大的国家公园是辛格维利尔国家公园)。公园面积 大约 4807 平方千米,是冰岛独具特色的自然景点之一,美妙绝伦,自然种类是其它地方难以比拟的。在这儿, 你可以看到广阔的冰川、深蓝色的冰川湖伴、色调柔和的山峰、奇形怪状的岩石、让人望而生畏的峡谷、稀有 鸟群、各种植物和动物,景色蔚为壮观。之后返程并入住酒店休息。(晚上如足够幸运,即可见到极光踪影。)


Day 5: 天温泉镇 – 蓝湖 – 凯夫拉维克

上午前往温泉镇,此处是世上少有的直建于温泉地热区之上的村镇,她也因众多的温室和花草,被当地人称作 花之村落。之后前往蓝湖,洗去连日来的疲劳。蓝湖是冰岛最署名的景点。每年,来冰岛的大部分游客都会来 到蓝湖,那种体验会让你终生难忘。蓝湖中的水是来自地下 2000 米的地热海水。水在地球自然力的作用下受热, 冲过地壳时吸收了多种矿物质,基本成分是氧化硅软泥和藻类,因此这里的水对皮肤非常好,蓝湖也因此而著名。 蓝湖是露天的,但即使在雪花飘飞的冬天,浸泡在蓝湖里,也丝毫不会觉得冷。行程结束后送回酒店休息。 次日将乘坐航班离开。


Day 6: 天离开



Precios por persona

Invierno  2017/2018


 Euros Período DBL SGL
Precio paquete  1ro - 31. octubre 2017 1114 1413
Precio paquete 1ro. noviembre 2017 - 30 abril 2018 1051



Suplemento por 3 cenas* 3 platos fuera de Reykjavik: 75 Euros netos por persona  Debe reservarse con antelación 

*cenas incluidas (fuera de Reykjavik) en el precio del paquete 1 plato + café/té

Tarifa de niños

Niños de 6-11 años de edad compartiendo habitación con dos adultos,  tienen un descuento de 25%. Niños mayores de 12 años pagan precio de adulto 

No se recomienda viajar con niños de 0-5 años de edad en circuitos guiados. 


Los precios pueden cambiar sin previo aviso. Si un precio incorrecto ha sido publicado, reservamos los derechos de declinar, cancelar o delimitar cualquier reserva hecha con el precio incorrecto. 


Budget: alojamiento con baño compartido

Seleccionando un paquete fly and drive tipo budget para sus vacaciones, usted reducirá considerablemente los costos de su viaje porque se alojará en habitaciones con baño compartido. El paquete Budget ofrece alojamiento en hoteles, guest houses y granjas básicos. Todas las habitaciones están equipadas con camas hechas, listas para dormir y algunas de ellas disponen de un lavamanos. Ducha y WC son compartidos con otras habitaciones.

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Económica: alojamiento en habitaciones con baño privado

Nuestros paquetes fly and drive clase económica le permiten viajar alrededor del país libre de preocupaciones con una estancia en alojamiento con baño privado sin tener que estirar su presupuesto. A lo largo de su viaje usted dormirá en una combinación de hoteles, granjas y guest houses, de categoría estándar. La última noche de su estancia se alojará en un hotel 3 estrellas en la ciudad de Reykjavík.

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Confort: alojamiento en habitaciones con baño privado

La clase confort le permite pasar unas vacaciones explorando la naturaleza islandesa sabiendo que usted va a alojarse todas las noches en el mejor y más confortable alojamiento disponible en cada región. Usted será acogido en guest houses , bonitas granjas y hoteles categoría “confort” donde todas las habitaciones disponen de baño privado. La última noche de su estancia usted se alojará en un hotel 4 estrellas en la ciudad de Reykjavík.

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Superior: (con suplemento)

Mejore su paquete fly and drive con el mejor alojamiento disponible y servicios de alta calidad, ya sea para toda la duración de su estancia o para algunas noches seleccionadas. Háganos saber durante el proceso de reserva a que nivel desea mejorar el alojamiento durante su estancia y nosotros haremos todo por personalizar su viaje

Late Arrival Supplement

Late Arrival Supplement for passengers arriving late evening/night. Stay at Airport Hotel Smari at Keflavik International Airport for your pre night instead of Hveragerdi Area. Supplement per room per night is 48 EUR in Category Comfort and 63 EUR on prices in Economy and Budget.

After a 22 hours flight back home, I have to admit that I have had the time of my life in Iceland thanks to this tour (Hidden Powers & Northern Lights).

At first, I was a bit worried to travel alone so far & probably end up touring solo; but I was proven that strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. Everyone was so humble, nice and kind especially our tour guides (Mr. Snorri, Ms. Kristin & our very own Jason Statham driver Mr. Christian).

The tour took us to the most amazing and fascinating spots I have ever witnessed. The landscapes of Iceland were just mind-blowing! Places like Gullfoss, The Great Geyser, Laufskalavarda, The Black Sand Beach, Jokulsarlon Floating Icebergs & Skogafoss were marvelous - their scenery will be carved in my memory forever. Unfortunately though, we have got to see the Northern Lights for only one night due to the cloudy weather; and of course, it was a sight to behold.

Just a note that if anyone would like to try to capture the Lights on camera, please make sure you have a good quality steady camera (cell phone cameras will not work).

All in all, it was a beautiful experience and definitely returning back soon - hopefully very soon

Hamed A, Bahrain

Fantastic holiday, all arrangements perfect right from the start and all dealings with the staff of Iceland Travel excellent, especially Margret who always answered queries promptly. The use of Saga Travel in Akureyri excellent choice all the staff and guides of Saga excellent and cannot recommend them highly enough. Wonderful experience especially topped off by seeing the Northern Lights. Hope to come back do it all again. Definitely will recommend to my friends.

Helen B, UK

Just returned home from an amazing tour with Iceland Travel (Hidden Powers and Northern Lights). Our guide Yrsa and driver Ragnar were absolutely amazing, making everyone feel comfortable and ensuring that a great time was had by all (not to mention the amazing knowledge and contagious enthusiasm). The trip was everything I wanted it to be and more. The only disappointment was that we did not see the Aurora (which obviously has nothing to do with Iceland Travel or the tour itself). I will definitely be back to Iceland and Iceland Travel is the way to go!

Daniel L., Canada

Had a fantastic time during your hidden powers and northern lights tour..we did not manage to see the lights as the weather was not favorable but the rest of the trip was amazing! The guide Benedict was excellent and gave us a lot of information about the places we visited and about Iceland...the politics,the culture and industry in a interesting and informative way. We had a fantastic time and if we ever head back to Iceland we will definitely be booking with Iceland travel again! Many thanks to Herman who drove us all around Iceland safely and skillfully!!driving is tough in Iceland with icy roads,fog covered...

Emily Y., Singapore

Me and my wife have been in the "HIDDEN POWERS & NORTHERN LIGHTS HUNT" Tour between 20th and 26th of Mars 2014.

It was a fascinating experience combined with the privilege of discovering new places and people. Beside the magnificent landscapes and breathtaking locations I want to thank the "Iceland Travel" team, especially to our guide, Hildur, for the well managed time spent. And the driver was very nice too :)

It's an experience I would definitely repeat and recommend to others.

Cristut F., Romania

Just came back from a tour of Southern Iceland with Iceland Travel. Everything was A+. We had a knowledgeable, informative and very nice tourguide and a great driver. I've toured many countries in Europe and been on many organized tours and this was by far the best food I've had on any tours (I recommend meal plan). Tour was organized, never too rushed and took in a lot of sites. Accommodations were very clean. Iceland is a great country with beautiful scenery, clean air, interesting sites, wonderful food and the friendliest people.

Pam C., USA

Thank you for a wonderful 6 day Hidden Powers & Northern Lights Tour 12 - 17 March 2015. We did and saw so much and our guide Snorrie Ingerson was just wonderful. We would recommend this tour to anyone.

Eric M., Australia