Game of Thrones in Iceland


The new and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere this April. We can hardly wait! As many fans are aware, many of Iceland’s legendary landmarks served as filming locations for the barren, rugged land ´North of the Wall´ in this hit TV series. Some of these landmarks include Thingvellir National Park (The Bloody Gate), Dimmuborgir (Mance Rayder’s Wildling Camp), the South Coast and more!

Iceland has long been a popular destination for international film crews, in large part due to the sub-Arctic climate and volcanic activity which contributes to the unbelievable, otherworldly landscapes and moody natural lighting. Dramatic rock formations, stormy seas, misty fjords, ice caps, and a rich culture of folklore – with no shortage of mystical Gods, elves, dragons, and trolls – makes Iceland the perfect location for fantasy and adventure. Accessibility also plays a huge factor in why crews choose to film in Iceland – many of Iceland’s incredible destinations are accessible just off the Ring Road with high-speed internet, hotels, and services always within reach.

But you don’t have to be a Game of Thrones or Jon Snow super fan to appreciate Iceland’s vast and untouched nature—there’s a reason why Iceland is consistently a top destination for travelers!

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