Northern Lights Tours

Finding the right Northern Lights Tour can be quite the headache. There are many tours to choose from and many different types of tours. Here are a few pointers on the tours. 

We offer a few different types of tours where you have a chance to witness the majestic, yet elusive, Northern Lights.

Escorted Northern Lights tours

Exploring Iceland and hunting the Northern Lights is a great experience, made even better with a local expert guide at hand. We offer many great escorted, guided tours where, hopefully, you will get a chance to see the Northern Lights dancing in the darkened winter night sky. 

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Northern Lights Day Tours

Whether you're in Reykjavik on business, don't have the time for a full-fledged escorted tour or more in the mood for a shorter tour, we offer many great activities and short tours, with guides, experts in finding the Northern Lights. 

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Northern Lights Road Trips

Exploring Iceland on your own is great and doing so when arctic winter rules the land offers many chances to see the Northern Lights. We offer multitude of Road Trips and self-drive tours, where you can not only possible see the Northern Lights but also experience the beautiful Icelandic nature. 

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