Going on a road trip in Iceland is a great adventure, whether you visit Iceland in the summer to witness the midnight sun or if you come in the winter time to experience the northern lights. Road trips are a fantastic way to enjoy Iceland’s incredible and pristine nature with the freedom and flexibility. 

Our road trip packages are designed by our team of travel experts. They are created for people like you who want to experience the very best of what Iceland has to offer. To get the best value Iceland Travel has to offer, book our road trips online. Please note that changes to the packages will incur a service fee.

Iceland Travel has a number of road trips of various length, covering different areas of the country, so everyone should be able to find something to suit their taste. Every road trip includes rental car, CDW insurance, unlimited in-car wifi accommodation, and exclusive use of the Iceland Travel Companion App.

Reinventing the Iceland Road Trip With the Travel Companion App

Every year, Iceland Travel welcomes thousands of travelers who embark on a road trip adventure in Iceland. If you book any one of Iceland Travel’s self-drive packages, you will receive access to our app which you can download to your tablet or mobile device. Its easy-to-use interface lets you access your travel documents and explore over a thousand interesting places around the country including an audio guide for some of those places. You can also see what tours and activities are offered in that area and save places to your personalized map for future visits.

Driving in Iceland

Every country has its own traffic rules and driving in Iceland can sometimes be more challenging than people expect. Here is a small guide to the do’s and don’ts of driving in Iceland. Let’s stay safe out there! Read up on everything you need to know when driving in Iceland.

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