Seismic activity on Reykjanes Peninsula


Recent Earthquakes and possible volcanic activity

Where can you get more information?

Here are some websites where you can get the most recent information on the situation:

Icelandic Broadcasting Service: News in English: – Here you can get the latest updates on the conditions in Reykjanes. – This website posts safety alerts and information on how to travel safely in Iceland.

Live camera – The Icelandic Broadcast Service has live camera footage of the area.

The Icelandic Met Office – Here you will find detailed data updates about the earthquake activity in Iceland. The Met Office also provides information on weather in Iceland.

What we know so far

-There is no eruption in Iceland at the moment.

-Flights are operating as usual.

-The seismic event is localized in a small specific area of the Reykjanes peninsula, near the town of Grindavík. The level of alert is restricted to that specific area only.

-The seismic activity has been decreasing.

-Tours and activities in Iceland are continuing as normal.

What is the situation in Iceland?

Iceland is no stranger to volcanic activity, and there have been three eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula in the last three years preceded by seismic activity. Icelandic authorities are highly prepared for such events, and Iceland has one of the world’s most effective volcanic preparedness measures. Iceland’s geoscientists possess vast experience in dealing with volcanic activities.

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a Level of Elevated Unrest (Aviation Code Yellow) on 23. November 2023. This indicates the geological activity in the area has decreased but is still above the normal conditions. The area continues to be closely monitored for possible renewed increase.

What about your clients in Iceland?

If you have clients traveling in Iceland at the time of a possible volcanic eruption, we will let you know if we need to make any changes to their itinerary. Your clients’ safety is our most important consideration. We do recommend that if you have clients visiting Iceland in the next few days that they sign up for information updates alerts from

If there is an eruption can people visit it?

If a minor eruption occurs, the authorities will determine how safe it is for people to view the volcanic activity. It will take a few days to assess the situation and, if there is a possible viewing area, to construct hiking paths. We will let you know of any exciting guided experiences where your clients can witness the volcanic activity and beauty of Reykjanes Peninsula.

Note: Reykjanes Peninsula image is from Visit Reykjanes. Copyright Hörður Kristleifsson.